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my game

2011-01-09 01:41:59 by bbbmf

thanks dragonslayerk the game wouldnt be possible without you

looking for somthing bigger

2011-01-08 23:35:07 by bbbmf

I want to be a part of somthing Im tired of laying on my ass

never mind

2009-12-31 23:05:06 by bbbmf

i have agame comming on the way be prepared for the best game ever

heelz yea

2009-12-31 21:11:55 by bbbmf

hellz yea my mother fckin game is almost done fukas yea !


heelz yea


2008-12-23 12:50:09 by bbbmf

im looking for someone to program a game for me so if want to pm me or IM me